Mortgage Helpers Australia - Cleaning Program

The added benefit in dealing with Mortgage Helpers Australia is our unique “cleaning program.” Don’t tell me Mortgage Helpers will clean the house as well as save us money? Not quite! We will however monitor your progress to potentially save you even more money in 6 to 12 months time. Depending on your unique circumstance we may have to adopt a 2 step approach to give you your new financial freedom.

For example, if a client has the following debts in addition to some defaults and judgments on their credit report:


Initially we consolidated these debts and paid out the defaults and judgments giving the client the convenience of one lower debt to pay. Due to the clients unique circumstances we could not use a mainstream lender however in 6 to 12 months time if the client has a good history with their new lender we can refinance this loan with a main stream lender therefore saving the client even more money.

The result is one very satisfied customer. Please enjoy your new found financial freedom!